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credit card generator with password military school

Military Schools

  Lt. Alex Burtness: I’ve pretty much been taking things apart as long as I can remember. I was always interested in science and technology, and I found pursuits that linked up well with that. I think, looking back, the path to where I am today is very clear. Finding the challenges that fit with who I am and what I valued and what I was skilled at — I think it all makes sense. I’m exactly where I need to be.

  In high school, I always sort of picked my schedule more around all the advanced science courses — I did programming, I did some robotics things that my high school offered. With robotics, math is a way to describe the way that everything moves and interacts, and, for me, that was fascinating. It sort of sparked that interest that, you know, led me down this very long path to bring me to where I am today.

  I found out about the service academies, particularly the Naval Academy, and I think I saw the challenge of it and that’s what really appealed to me. I got rejected from the Naval Academy the first time that I applied. I remember people saying that normal kids from high school can’t just go to a service academy, and I decided that I needed to prove them wrong.

  Jessica Burtness: Alex doesn’t choose the easy way. He doesn’t shy away from challenges. His parents are both really hardworking people. They have a very strong work ethic. I think that definitely shows in Alex.

  Alex: I think getting that rejection really, just really focused me and really showed me that maybe what I was doing up until that point and the effort that I’d been putting in wasn’t sufficient. So I spent a year at Oregon State. I worked very, very hard there. I focused every day on doing the best that I could so that I could put in a stronger application at the Naval Academy, and they recognized that and I got in the second time around.

  The excitement of graduation — definitely a moment that I’m going to carry with me for the rest of my life. There was literally just a buzz in the air and people were just agitated in their seats, just waiting to throw their hats in the air and to be commissioned as second lieutenants in the Marine Corps and ensigns in the Navy. It was incredibly exciting and incredibly rewarding to know that that four years of very hard work had paid off.


  Welcome To Rashtriya Military Schools

  Rashtriya Military schools were eastablished as King George’s Royal Indian Military schools to take care of the education of the sons of defence personnel. In 1952, the schools were reorganized on Public School lines and admissions were made open to the sons of Defence Service Officers and civilians. In 1954, the school became member of the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC) and continues to be an active member till date. The schools were renamed Military Schools in 1966 and its old motto, ‘Play the Game’ was replaced with ‘Sheelem Param Bhushanam’ which means Character is the Highest Virtue. On 25th Jun 2007, the schools got their present name “Rashtriya Military School”. The school has several of its alumni occupying high positions in the Armed Forces and in other sectors doing stellar service to the motherland.



credit card generator with password military school

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