id lace maker how to ship a fake id

2022-04-21 06:28:04

id lace maker how to ship a fake id

A Deeper Look into IDGOD Shipping Services

  Customers love fast and efficient delivery services. Whenever a customer places an order with an online store, the first things they look at are the shipping period, terms, and price. If the items under purchase are ready for shipment, the period indicated is exact. For instance, if the shipping period is three days, your package will arrive in two days.

  However, this does not apply to a fake id website like IDGOD. The shipping period indicated is a week or two, depending on the delivery or shipping process you choose. However, it does not mean that you get your id card after a week or two weeks. Here is where it gets a little complex for many customers to understand.

  Fake id cards are not ready-made goods you can pick and ship after order. Fake id websites have to collect the client information, collect necessary materials, include unique security features, and then wrap and package ready shipment. Since the website deals with more than a single customer daily, the process can take 4 to 5 days, depending on the order. In addition to this design and creation period, the shipment period lasts a week from 5 to 7 days.

  Here is a more precise breakdown

  Customer Information

  It takes a day or 24 hours to collect enough customer information, encrypt it, and store it for use. The storage space in online servers and is for a limited period.


  It takes a day or two to prepare the fake ids. Fill them with the client’s photo and enter any other essential information. The information includes your names, addresses, signature, date of birth, and license number/ expiry date, and much more.

  Security features

  Holograms and other security features like magnetic stripes depending on the state, take a whole day. At the same time, the replicas undergo lamination for durability. The cards undergo a final evaluation using essential apps like scanners to ensure correct information and determine the quality of the fake id.

  Packaging and shipping

  The process can last for a day to five days for the delivery. Once the evaluation is complete, staff members have to package the fake ids securely and anonymously. The website providers must ensure that the package is not under scrutiny and can pass through customs without worry.

  As you can already see, online fake id websites need around 8 to 10 days to fully design and print your id card to match your desired quality.  Therefore, the latest a client can receive their fake id package is within a week under normal circumstances putting all the logistics under consideration.

  That is why IDGOD gives a one or two weeks delivery period offering rush shipping for a week and regular two weeks shipping for other orders.

  What is Rush Shipping?

  Rush shipping is a particular order where the entire fake id processing occurs within 8 to 10 days. It means that clients can get their fake ids within a week after making the order. However, there are conditions attached to it, like ensuring there are no order form mistakes. However, if there are, the process might take longer.

  Also, rush shipping is a little expensive compared to the free shipping that regulars get for their shipments. Clients have to undergo these costs as it takes less time to process the fake id and have it delivered.

  It is important to note that the IDGOD website gives around 3 to 5 days in the shipping period. However, you, as the client, need to factor in the preparation period. Any omissions or mistakes you may need to correct, then add the shipping period.

  What Is Regular/ Standard Shipping?

  When it comes to regular shipping, the process lasts around 10 to 12 days. IDGOD issues a shipment period of two weeks, which includes the processing and printing of the fake id. Also, if any mistakes result from your order, it may take a bit longer.

  Challenges shipments face today

  Delivery periods are not as they used to be in the past. The prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic has made every structure to make a lot of changes in their systems. The USPS, DHL, and FedEx also have had to adapt to the disease. Therefore, a package that could reach you in 10 days may take longer today.

  Many misconceptions are indicating that fake id websites can deliver as fast as the customer needs. However, it is impossible to complete designing, processing, and providing the phony id in a few days. Therefore, clients have to wait a bit longer for their fake ids.

  IDGOD strives to be the best. We insist that you use rush shipping if you desire to have your fake id fast. However, if it is not an emergency, you can wait for a week or two for delivery.

Most Quation to Fakeyourdrank

  This particular vendor started making IDs for Oregon state and later expanded its services to obtain setup for creating fake ids for fifteen other states. As of now, FakeYourDrank has established itself as one of the leading ID makers in the industry and currently ships internationally and within the United States with a discrete method. From outdated to newer designs, you can find a variety of samples and obtain old and updated versions of Vermont, Connecticut, Washington and others like Florida.

  FakeYourDrank has a unique name and students in campuses and liquor stores often refer to this vendor as “FYD.” This vendor keeps a good reputation

  Among the fake id fraternity and Held a high-standard among counterfeit id makers.

The website offers a variety of payment methods such as Bitcoin, ReloadIT, Moneygram, and WesternUnion so you will not have any problems with them while paying for your ID. ships from China and currently operates from there. The appraisal among the underaged community for their fakes have been positive and hence persuades us to test and personally verify and rank their products.

  We as a fake id blog, make sure the authenticity of our reviews remains up to a high standard.Hence, Dave, one of our premium phony id expert and blogger, located in the state of Vermont reviews this vendor.

According to Dave,

  The website uses a custom coded template for its theme.It does look like a WordPress theme at first glanceIt is modified and the pricing page to the photo gallery every aspect seems to show a professional vibe.


  You can pick a state from the pricing list of about fifteen states that they offer, by reading the boxes and following to the order form.The custom coded order form is, and to the point, it asks for your Identification card details and license credentials and allows you to upload your photo for the ID up to 2 MB.They allow you to pick a standard and a faster shipping procedure, hence you can pay extra if you need your ID faster than the regular shipping time.

After completing the payment, you will get a confirmation and it takes four days to get your Tracking number with them but that is with faster shipping, and if you are using regular shipping you will get your tracking within a week.

  We recommend ‘OR’ licenses for out of state identification. The reason is that

  It can also be tried out at lenient places in-state. The bar scanners and grocery stores will accept this license with no problemThe barcodes easily bypass and swipe the required credentials to the scanning machines.

They offer 2 option:

  Standard shipping USPS takes about one 2-3 weeks.Fast Shipping DHL or Fedex process about 1 weeks

Most tracking is USPS. Fast Shipping (either DHL or FedEx)

These can change from time to time with them. It is very normal for fake id vendors to change their payment techniques because they all want to remain anonymous and protect their privacy.

  Western UnionBitcoinGift cardsMoneyGramZelle Bank Transfer

This is a very good forgery if you want to sneak into out of state bars. This will even work for you in-state but do use your real information and order a social security card fake one with the same credentials as that of your Oregon license you will pass any test 99 times out of 100 with this.

  The basic out-dated licenses such as Oregon or Washington are indeed top-notch and will pass in and out of state. But, Fakeyourdrank still needs to launch newly revamped identification cards and most of their templates are outdated. The new licenses that they make can make improvements to the printing material and quality of their ink.

Report: Smugglers Defraud IMO to Create Fake IDs for Blacklisted Ships

  smooth sea

The deck of the tanker Smooth Sea 28 was fully rebuilt to look like a different vessel in order to apply for a "newbuild" IMO identity (C4ADS)

  In a new report released Thursday, researchers at the security think tank C4ADS identified nearly a dozen vessels that have evaded UN sanctions by "laundering" their identities with fake IMO registrations. 

  The tactic goes further than the common practice of tampering with AIS presets, which is often seen among the tankers that violate UN sanctions to deliver fuel to North Korea. The perpetrators of this more sophisticated scheme are fraudulently setting up fake vessel registrations with IMO for ships that do not exist, then using the new fake ID to rebrand blacklisted vessels and give them a clean slate. The "dirty" vessel receives a brand new IMO number, MMSI, history, deadweight tonnage, length and beam, which it can enter into its AIS transponder and use during port state control inspections. In a more complex variation on this scheme, a second "clean" vessel takes on the new fake identity, freeing up its own identity for use by a "dirty" ship. 

  The C4ADS team's analysis – backed with sophisticated technology provided by Palantir, Windward, Amazon, Planet Labs, Airbus and Maxar – has identified at least 11 ships which have used this tactic in recent years. The new report gives two examples: the blacklisted Kingsway, which became the Apex / Shun Fa (IMO 8528864) in 2019; and the suspected smuggling vessel Subblic, which became the Hai Zhou 168 (IMO 8514045) in 2019. 

  First, the ship is physically altered to look like a different vessel. Then, using fraudulent documents, the vessel operator tricks registration personnel at IMO into issuing a new vessel identity for a newbuild or an existing vessel that is new to internationl trade. That new identity is painted on the hull and entered into the AIS transciever, and the blacklisted ship can return to commercial operations.

  This tactic is very hard for maritime officials to detect and defeat, C4ADS wrote. 

  "Ships involved in vessel identity laundering schemes rarely exhibit the usual telltale signs of AIS tampering or sloppy paint jobs that cover old ship names," wrote the researchers. "As a result, law enforcement and civil regulators have a significantly greater challenge in identifying vessels involved in an identity laundering operation."

  The sanctioned vessel Kingsway underwent this fraudulent transformation in July 2018, repainting her decks and becoming the (nonexistent) vessel Apex. IMO detected a related transaction in April 2020, but Kingsway managed to slip under the radar and keep trading as Apex until May 2021. She even made an uneventful port call in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where she had been denied entry before her transformation.

  In another example, the blacklisted tanker Subblic became the "newbuild" Hai Zhou 168 through a complex shell game. The operator created a false identity for a second, real vessel, then transferred the second vessel's original identity to the Subblic. The blacklisted Subblic has since delivered petroleum to North Korea as Hai Zhou 168 at least 17 times, according to C4ADS. In a sign of challenges to come, her "clean" identity has been occasionally handed off to other North Korean tankers to use for their own AIS transmissions.

  C4ADS noted that detecting this kind of sophisticated registration fraud will be hard for IMO (or any authority) to achieve every time. However, it recommended several changes to make the process harder to game. First, it recommends that IMO should require regular photos of the ship and updates on its status from the operator, in the same manner that everyday citizens must regularly reapply for a passport or a drivers' license. 

  Second, C4ADS advised that IMO should require owners to submit the ship's dimensions, hull number and engine number during registration, as these data fields are often left blank in practice. It also recommended collecting photos of the vessel from all four sides. "If implemented, these improvements to the IMO’s registration system would meaningfully challenge the ability of illicit actors to commit IMO number fraud and create shell identities on demand," the authors concluded. 

id lace maker how to ship a fake id

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