easiest fake id mobile id

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easiest fake id mobile id

Application of mobile-ID

  Mobile-ID is a handy method for electronic identification: your mobile phone is always with you so you don’t have to depend on ID-card readers and computers with necessary software.

  Besides, mobile-ID gives you additional sense of security:

  should anything happen to your ID-card or you cannot use it temporarily, mobile-ID provides access to all important e-services
mobile-ID can be used across devices: you can access your Internet bank from your smart phone, tablet or PC
you don’t need a card reader or computer with special software to use mobile-ID services
There are several options for signing with mobile-ID:  
RIA DigiDoc app on your mobile phone
DigiDoc4 Client on your computer

Mobile-ID SIM cards are issued by mobile operators Telia, Elisa and Tele2 at their service points. Each operator has their own rules about issuing mobile-IDs, such as age limits, service fees, user terms and conditions, etc.

  However, all mobile operators must follow the same national requirements, so mobile-ID is a safe solution and works the same way irrespective of which operator you are using.

  For more information and to enter into a mobile-ID contract, contact your mobile operator.

  Telia mobile-ID service introduction and information

Elisa mobile-ID service introduction and information

Tele2 mobile-ID service introduction and information

In order to use mobile-ID, a special SIM card with mobile-ID support will be issued to you after entering into the contract. Upon activating the new SIM card, the old card will stop working – we recommend saving the data on the old SIM card before replacing the SIM card or ask the mobile operator at the service point to copy the data from the old SIM card to the new SIM card.

  Joining mobile-ID does not mean that you have to change your mobile number: the new SIM card will continue working with your old phone number.

  Joining mobile-ID does not invalidate other mobile network services ordered by you. If necessary, talk about changing services with your mobile operator.

  NB! If your mobile number changes ownership (you change the contract and make another family member its owner or wish to add a private person’s number to your company package), mobile-ID will lose its validity.

  After receiving your mobile-ID SIM card, it must be activated. This can be done as follows: at Police and Border Guard Board service points as well as on their website.

  An ID-card and card reader.

  Read about how to connect an ID-card to a computer.

A computer with DigiDoc4 software,

  Read how to open the DigiDoc4 Client.

An ID-card and PIN codes.

  Read about what to do if you have forgotten or lost your PIN codes.

And, of course, a smart device with a mobile-ID SIM card.

Got everything? Great! Now you are ready to activate mobile-ID!

  First insert the ID-card into the reader and connect it to the computer. Then open the DigiDoc4 Client and check whether your ID-card certificates are valid by clicking on the option “Load image”. You will be asked for your ID-card’s PIN1 code. If your ID-card certificates have expired or have been suspended or cancelled, the following warning will be displayed after entering the PIN1 code: “ID-card certificate is not valid.”

  To log in to the mobile-ID application environment of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, your ID-card must be connected to the computer and you must know your ID-card’s PIN1 code. Click on “Log in” and all necessary instructions will be displayed on screen.

  To activate your mobile-ID, you need to know your ID-card’s PIN2 code. Act according to the guidelines displayed in the mobile-ID application environment and the whole process will only take a few seconds. If you have any problems or questions, contact the customer service of the Police and Border Guard Board by calling the helpline on (+372) 612 3000.

  After activating the mobile-ID service, open an e-service which you have accessed with an ID-card, such as your Internet bank or eesti.ee portal. Choose mobile-ID as the authentication method and see how convenient it will make your life.

  Enjoy using your mobile-ID!

Mobile ID

  All Estonians, no matter where they happen to live, have a state-issued digital identity. This electronic identity system, called eID, has existed for 20 years and is the cornerstone of the country’s e-state. e-ID and the ecosystem around it is part of any citizen’s daily transactions in the public and private sectors. People use their e-IDs to pay bills, vote online, sign contracts, shop, access their health information, and much more.

  Estonians can use their e-ID via state-issued identity or ID-card, using Mobile-ID on their smartphones, or the application Smart-ID. Holders of a digital identity need not be Estonian residents anymore however. Since 2014, Estonia has also offered a program called e-Residency for anyone who wishes to become an e-resident of Estonia and access its diverse digital services, regardless of citizenship or location.


easiest fake id mobile id

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